Welcome! This is the modest home page for our immodest effort to reclaim the system of scholarly communication by encouraging investment in open technologies and open content, and through collective action, create the infrastructure, policies, and practices needed to effect this change.


This all got started when David Lewis declared as something of a thought experiment that all libraries should contribute at least 2.5% of their budgets to create an open scholarly commons. The original idea is in his article “The 2.5% Commitment“. From there, a small group of us thought the idea important enough to explore what it might look like in the real world, including taking on the task of defining what would count as a valid investment in Open, and creating a tool to allow colleges and universities to record over time how their investments in Open have changed.

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Want to get involved? The first thing you can do is sign-up to try out our tool for measuring your investment in Open. We’ll be launching that in early October 2017.

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