In the fall of 2017, we conducted a small experiment. We crowdsourced the creation of a list of ways to invest in open, and then recruited 37 libraries to record how they were investing in open.
We wrote up what we learned in the ACRL Newsletter. You can also see more write ups in our Media section.
We also share some of this preliminary data about lists of ways to invest and how investment is distributed.
We will be building on what we learned in our current project, which focuses on investments in infrastructure. Once that effort is complete, and perhaps even before then, we plan to expand our focus to include investments in open content.
Want to stay up with our work? We will tweet out results at @in4open . You can also join our very low-volume email list, where we’ll post updates, opportunities to participate, and related news.
If you want to participate in either our census of infrastructure or our investment survey, you can sign up to do so.